Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ultra Feminine, Ultra Chic

I have a love affair with all things shabby chic. The soft and delicate colors are so overly feminine and romantic! A lot of these elements are what bring my design concepts together. I'm jumping for joy here! I just received a shipment of the most beautiful roses that are shabby chic extreme! Crinkled roses in the softest hues of cream, pink, mauve and green. I'm going to start designing a headpiece today, once I finish dying some ribbon. The world of handmade is so much fun and so unique! Wouldn't you say? I'll post a picture of my latest creation once its done. I'm feeling so giddy! :-)

I also want to welcome all of my new followers!! You'll never know how much it means to me! Thank you so much for all the beautiful words and compliments! You are all wonderful!!


p.s. If you read my posting "In a Versailles Frame of Mind", I ordered some supplies to start my collection!!! So excited!!  A collection filled with items for little ones all the way up to chic women!  Stay tuned!!!  As I designed the collection I kept repeating this song over and over!  Just LOVE!!!


  1. Love love all things shabby chic too...especially chandeliers i have a weakness for them..enjoy your day xx

  2. Oh, Joyce we have soooo much in common! I love the chandelier-to die for, right? Are you familiar with a magazine by the name of "Romantic Homes" I used to have a subscription about 5 years ago an LOVED it. I'm talking it was dreamy...every single issue. I should see if it is still published for us both! I'll keep you posted on that.
    talk soon, Rachel xxx's