Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maria & Kata Jewelry Creations - Amazing Creations!

I can not stop talking about Maria & Kata Jewelry Creations.  I am not a jewelry person, but I LOVE earrings.  When I was introduced to Maria & Kata Jewelry Creations, I immediately fell in love with her earrings!!!  They are unique, elegant and stylish!  And the prices?  They speak for themselves!  It's no wonder her slogan is "Making unique pieces that fit your budget, but without sacrificing your style".  

Last week I came across a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker and I fell in love with the necklace she was wearing.  So much so that I contacted Maria and asked her if she could recreate the piece for me.  I thought it would be the PERFECT accessory for spring and summer.  It's simple, feminine and would go with just about any outfit.  She immediately said YES!  (Yay for me!!!!!)   Here is the photo of SJP:

I received the custom made piece this week from Maria.  When I opened the package, my jaw DROPPED!!!!  It was STUNNING.  More than what I thought it would look like!!!  And even better, she made matching earrings and a beautiful matching bracelet to complete the look!  I can't stop saying how much I LOVE this piece.  I will definitely be wearing it every day!!!  Now I need to shop for some simple tops of sheer, delicate, romantic materials!  I can not wait for the spring!!!  Here are photos of the necklace!!!!  

Here are some earrings that I have purchased.  They are gorgeous!!!  Photos do them no justice!

Quality and customer service are two things Maria & Kata Jewelry Creations does NOT lack!  I highly recommend her!  And if you see a piece you would like custom made, do not hesitate to ask her!!!  She is amazing!

Become a fan of hers on Facebook & follow her Blog for exclusive sales & fun fun fun comment games where you can get items at amazing prices!!!

Thank you so much Maria!!!  I look forward to all of your future designs!!!



  1. Thank you Joyce for your kind words..LOVE the photos too!!! It is a pleasure like always in servicing you- by the way, you make awesome pieces too! YOU ROCK!!!!!

  2. I've purchased from her as well. LOL I have those pearl earrings :) LOVE Her stuff!! Need to go back and shop some more.