Friday, April 15, 2011

Update! It's been a while!!!

Hello lovelies!!  It's been such a long time!  I've been so busy with so many things - orders, new designs, bridal orders, was sick for a little while and so much more!  NOT to forget, caring for my beautiful Lola who is SO ACTIVE now.  She loves the outdoors...and if it were up to her, we'd be outside every single minute of the day!  HA!  Thankfully I have wonderful family support that has been helping me!  

Now I'm in the midst of completing a wholesale order, and creating new designs!!  I also have a big surprise to announce within the next few weeks!  It's something that I am so proud of.  But after receiving so many custom orders, I decided to do it!!!  What am I talking about??  I'll let you in on the secret soon!!!!!

I wanted to share a photo that I received from Chrissie Marie Photography!!!  She was the winner of my Design a Day in March, Veiled Love.   If you missed the post, here it is:  

Design of the Day - March 8 - Veiled Love - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED

Here is the GORGEOUS photo Chrissie just emailed me!!!  How beautiful!!!!   Please stop by her Facebook page and become a fan!  Her work is sure to put a smile on anyones face!  Simply beautiful!!

She also shared two photos using my best seller Mohair Wrap:

Thank you SO MUCH Chrissie!!!


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