Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deal of the Day - June 17, 2011 - Photographers Trio

Deal of the Day - Trio Combo of Newborn Hanging Cocoon, Snug Pod, & Handmade Dupioni Silk Flower with Glass Pearls and Rhinestone Center

Combo Sale Price - $80 shipped within the US or $85.00 shipped International

Offer ends Midnight EST June 17th

Closed Hanging Cocoon

Snug Pod 

Silk Dupioni Handmade Flower Headband 

Color choices for Hanging Cocoon and Snug Pod:

Black - True black
Charcoal - Dark gray
Sky Blue - Light medium blue
Lemon Grass - Bold pea green
Grass - Medium grass green
Denim - Medium denim blue
Navy - Dark blue, almost black
Wheat - Cream with natural black fibers
Fisherman - Natural cream
Oatmeal - Natural beige with strands of chocolate and black
Grey Marble - Light gray with black and brown fibers
Barley - Rich chocolate brown with strands of cream
Wood - Medium brown
Pine - Dark, piney bluish green
Fig - Rich medium purple
Blossom - Light cherry blossom pink
Raspberry - Rich purplish-pink
Claret - Deep purplish red
Cranberry - Deep red
Spice - Dark burnt orange 
Pumpkin - Warm burnt orange

To order, send an email to with your paypal email address and shipping address.  We will email all invoices by end of day.

Thank you!!!


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