Monday, June 25, 2012

Mission: Small Business - WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

{Please Help & Share} 

Please help & vote for Baby's Breath Handmade so I can take my business to the next level! :-) 

Mission: Small Business - 12 small businesses will be given a $250,000 Grant! Help Baby's Breath Handmade be one of them!!!

How to do it?
1-Go to
2-Click on "sign in & support" you will log in with your FB credentials
3-Search for "Baby's Breath Handmade" South Carolina
4-Hit vote
5-Share on your FB walls!!!

Only takes a couple of seconds. I need 250 votes to even be CONSIDERED, so I desperately ask for you to vote and share!!  

Thank you for helping me to get considered for a $250K GRANT!


{Photo Courtesy of Perles Photography}

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