Thursday, January 27, 2011

A creative mind never rests....

Hi there!!  I haven't blogged in quite a bit.  These past two weeks have been the busiest two weeks ever.  Baby's Breath Handmade opened in May of 2010, and now 8 months later it is picking up quite a bit.  I'm so HAPPY!!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been constantly there supporting me every step of the way and for all of those who have continued to share my products and designs.  Truly has been amazing.

I have so many designs that I want to make!!!  If only there were more hours to the day!  I have stocked up on so many beautiful, high quality silks, satins, pearls, rhinestones, ribbons and my favorite, LACE!!  I'm going to start working on my spring line soon!!  I haven't had a chance to start since I've been working on orders and custom designs.  But I hope to start soon!!!  Before we know it, spring will be here!!!!  Oh my!

I must's so true when they say that a creative mind never rests!!  I'm always thinking of new designs.  Lately I've been waking up during the night with designs in mind...I get up and write them down.  Is that crazy or what?   What do you do?  This sometimes drives me crazy!!   I feel like I can't keep up with my ideas!!!  *sigh*  What's a girl who loves fabrics, pearls, lace and more supposed to do???  EEECK

I want to start sharing some photos from some of my favorite photographers!!!  They are all of my designs and can all be found in my Etsy shop.

Photos by Cori Henderson Photography - Located in Texas

{Exciting}  Guess what???  I'm sooooooooo close to 3,000 fans on Facebook!!!!  Once I hit 3,000 a giveaway will be posted!!!  Stop by my Facebook page if you haven't yet, and become a fan!!!  <3 <3 <3


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