Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Design of the Day - March 2 - Vintage Newsboy Beanie and Matching Diaper Cover

Girls, step aside....this one is for the BOYS!!!! hee hee  My design of the day is a vintage newsboy beanie with a matching diaper cover.  Absolutely perfect for photography!!!  I keep picturing photos with a newborn baby boy with a vintage toy truck or vintage signs in the background.  How sweet would that be???

Let me know what you think!!

***Photographers...I have a new newborn wrap that will be listed in a few days for girls.  I am in search of a photographer for photos in exchange.  Photos will need to be extremely feminine and vintage and dreamy.  You'll see why!!!!  If you have a newborn girl within the next two weeks...  Stay tuned!!!!!!!

Now listed in my Etsy shop!



  1. I am a photographer and would love to help you out!! I could definitely do vintage and dreamy! I don't however have a newborn girl in the next two weeks, but I'm sure I could find one!! LOL If you would like some information from me you can e-mail me at
    Would love this fabulous opportunity!!!!!