Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A break that was needed!

Wow...I feel refreshed!  I just reopened my shop after closing it for 9 weeks, yes 9 weeks!!!  If I didn't do it, I was going to just crumble.  I was open for 2 1/2 years, running non-stop.  I did close a few times during that time, but I was still running a business behind the scenes catching up on orders, researching materials, marketing, ordering supplies... I just never stopped.  But 6 months ago I started noticing that I was tired all the time, I had high anxieties/stress & just felt down all the time.  I had no desire to leave the house, to do anything fun and I was starting to despise creating!!  I went to Dr's and after blood work and tests...guess what?  Everything is normal!!!  Go figure!  Working non-stop, taking care of a toddler, a home, and a hubby...left little to no time for taking care of me.  My nutrition suffered and my exercising suffered...I started to even lose a TON of hair!!  I was always on the go go go that I never stopped to realize what I was doing to myself.  That's when I decided to take a break.  It was exactly what I needed.  I'm still struggling with the nutrition.  I get stuck with what I should eat...trying to get all the daily nutrition I need on a daily basis.  I'm also working up a schedule and I'm going to stick with it.  Marketing certain hours, answering emails certain hours...etc etc.  Being a one person show is really hard...but I can't give up.  Baby's Breath Handmade took a lot of sweat and tears to get it to where it is today...  I need to just get myself organized and on a healthy routine!

I would love to hear your tips, ideas, even recipes that help you keep on top of your business without it letting it boggle you down!  Comment below!  If you have a blog or follow a certain blog that goes along with this, post it too!  I would love to follow!

I started working on some new designs today and here are two of the completed newborn bonnets now in my shop.  So sweet & delicate!!


I also had my logo revamped a tiny bit with hand drawn Baby's Breath flowers (the inspiration behind my business name b/c of how delicate they are) and I love it!!!!  If you're in need of a new logo, I highly recommend DemoisellePixel!  Carine is an amazing artist!

I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Stay sweet....  Stay chic....


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  1. I looove the logo! I'm so excited to see all the stuff you will be coming up with!
    I'm with you on the not taking care of what I eat :\ So I look forward to see what other have to say or suggest :) It definitely is hard to balance everything.